Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a girl wants... need... a bag for every thing/occassion. Agree?

We have:
Toiletry Bag

At least one bag for the weekend..

Bag for work

A mummy like me need a bag to put all the baby stuff, so that daddy can carry it! (HUH??!!)

A gym bag!!
(Also to put whatever else you need to carry to work cause the work bag just can't fit everything!)

And of course.. a clutch for dinners.

Well, not every girl is a bag person, some of them are more into shoes. So we either get shoes to match our bag or get a bag to match our shoes!

I'm also a person who loves to just "try my luck" as long as I don't have to harm anyone/anything.
(My Tutti Frutti post is one of the evidence.)

So when I found out that Bagskaki is giving away free bags inconjunction with World International Women's Day, I was determined to blog about it and GET MY FREE BAG!!! :O

Here's how you can help me score a new bag:
1) For those who have the love for bags, no harm clicking on Bagskaki and "drool" over the bags and purchase a bag from them.
2) For those who are a big fan of Coach bags, click on Bagskaki cause they do carry loads of Coach bags.
3) For those who have daughters/wife that love handbags, recommend them to click on Bagskaki.
4) If you have nothing to do and viewing blogs is your hobby, make Bagskaki one of the blogs. :P

If you are wondering why I mention Bagskaki so many times, click on this link and you will understand.

Click away! :D

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